Here's some musical sh*t I've done before that you might enjoy! Check out my YouTube channel for more.

A little tribute to Roger Federer, set to Thirst Aid's smash hit '15-15'. Please spread the word! I do not own any of the pictures of Federer, Roddick, Murray, Sears or Decker.

Performed live at the Society Showcase 01/12/2009.  We recently received a message from James Murray (of Ponch & Estrada and the Impractical Jokers) thanking us for covering the song. It was our pleasure, James, this is one of the greatest songs ever written so I hope we did it justice!

A completely original and humour-free composition by Thirst Aid. Enjoy.

Vocals - Bizzle (Rakhesh Martyn)

Guitar - Shizzle (Alex Elliott)

Production - David Fadesco

Thirst Aid gig at the Lounge (JCs) 08/12/2008